Enhance your customer shop experience

With our SCA and ERP easy to integrate products.

Suite Commerce Advanced

Multiple locations

Enables customers to choose from which locations they want to purchase selected items, displaying a table for each location with the current stock.


Displays a user-friendly selection system in items that allow embroidery, with different options such as text and logos. Enables instant edition of these embroidery options in the Cart.

Subscriptions Module

Products subscription with customizable periods and limits. Customer subscription management and special subscription promotions. Free item subscription (sample).

Wordpress blog migration

Migrate all your Wordpress blogs into NetSuite. Includes blog navigation, categories and spotlights.

Delegated purchasing

Create company teams, assign roles (administrator, managers and users) to manage orders’ approval and set spending limits.

Quick Finder

Customer tool that facilitates finding their favorite categories and products without wasting any time looking through the whole page.

ShipHawk Integration

Integrate ShipHawk rates and shipping methods to SCA default checkout process.

Global Stock

Enables stock behavior management throughout the site with no need to configure every item.

CSV Cart import

Purchase items in bulk by importing CSV files to the cart.

Warranty Registration and Management

Allows the customer to track their warranty claim directly through the My Account page.

Sample item

Allows customers to request a sample of an item before purchase.


Make your SCA site styles fully customizable, easily changing colors and fonts throughout the site.

VanderValk Integration

Integrate VanderValk to SCA, making it possible for the customer to create the project in VanderValk and then going back to SCA and adding all the materials from the project to the cart.

Mega menu

Generates a whole new header menu experience, allowing images and gifs. Easily customizable, both in content and structure, all from NetSuite’s UI.

SSO Integrations (Oauth0, Azure, Firebase)

Connect your existing customer database to Netsuite, allowing users to log in on independent sites with a single ID and password.


Order Management

End-to-end order lifecycle, including order entry, validation, delivery, and customer communication.

Price Rules

Assign price levels to customers groups, set quantity price level discounts and pricing based on item options.

Inventory Visibility

Give complete inventory visibility to your internal team and your shoppers.

Enterprise Resource Planning

rapid develop

RMA Management

Highly customizable module that allows for the management and tracking of all RMA and Credit Memo associated cases.

Mass Invoicing of Sales Orders

Allows massive processing of Sales Orders from a single and easy to manage record.

Credit Card Payment Approvals

Cash incoming sales orders upfront with credit card payments, controlling NetSuite's default fulfilment process

Time material approve/sync process

Create and send estimates in seconds, and convert them to jobs with one click. Includes features such as visit scheduling or assigning jobs to sales reps to calculate commissions.

Estimated delivery time/availability

Display the actual available quantity of an item and the next three available delivery dates, based in the purchase orders of all the items.


Administrate and optimize warehouse operations, tailoring NetSuite’s resources to fit a company’s particular needs.