How do you control your store’s inventory? Say goodbye to manual spreadsheets and manual processing. Welcome to the RF-SMART era.

RF-SMART is a warehouse management system (WMS) solution for NetSuite that provides you with real-time visibility into your operations. It solves inventory management issues and allows for full traceability from the receiving process all the way through delivery. 

As it was Built-for-NetSuite solution, RF-SMART is an industry-leading product that meets Oracle NetSuite’s highest standard for SuiteApp Solutions. It’s easy to install and you can have it up and running within minutes.

What does RF-SMART do?

With more than 70 Built-for-NetSuite functions, the RF-SMART helps automate processes across your operations by using barcodes and mobile devices which allows time spent on manual data entry and data errors to be greatly reduced. Workers are guided to the correct location and prompted to complete tasks based on the industry’s best practices.

RF-SMART: NetSuite Warehouse Management (WMS)

You can use mobile inventory management across your supply chain:

  • receiving and putaway
  • managing fulfillments 
  • performing cycle counts while you pick
  • manufacturing on the shop floor
  • packing and shipping products out the door
  • and across retail stores. 

Managers can also use RF-SMART to oversee  inventory, assign work and measure performance and productivity. Barcode your products & locations and then arm your workforce with barcode scanners and software that directs their movement efficiently while updating NetSuite in real-time for an accurate picture of your operations.

Why choose RF-SMART?

Over 1,000 NetSuite customers use it to mobilize warehouse and production processes and make their operations more efficient. As a native NetSuite application, you get the reliability, availability and performance of the cloud ERP in a world-class mobile data collection solution without having to take-on or manage any additional technologies. With this tool you can use whatever is best for your operation.

This inventory management solution fills gaps in NetSuite while also providing vertical-specific functions. The customer satisfaction hovers near 100%. You can count on high-quality products that are made with the latest technology and our help desk, staffed with dedicated support specialists, who can resolve issues during local business hours – anywhere in the world.

How to install RF-SMART?

RF-SMART is a native NetSuite application. Therefore, installation on the system is quick and easy. However, there are some adjustments that only an expert will be able to solve without jeopardizing your operation. You can count on the SuiteDB team to install and optimize your RF-SMART application anytime.