How to Choose the Right ERP Software for your Business?

Businesses today run on ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution which is a software that helps with the organization, automation, and will transform the entire business to become exponentially efficient. Since there are many versions of ERP systems, a thorough review of what features your business has and what its aiming for is crucial in order to avoid interruption of your business flow. ERP systems are important for business, however, it all comes down to selecting the right one that will enhance and maximize how the business is run.

What are the key requirements for your business?

Before you go out of your way to search up the possible ERP software for your business, consider reviewing what is really needed and what benefits it can contribute to the success of your company. This means that it is important to consult with your team members in order to provide clarity on what exactly your business is managing and narrow the list down to see if there are any relevant or irrelevant processes that can be considered for. Ask yourself some questions to get a better understanding of what your company is thriving for. Is your business financially centralized? Does it need additional management for your service-oriented business? From there, you will be able to progress further into selecting the right ERP for your growing business. 

Make it Mobile Friendly

ERP Software for your Business

Many people enjoy the convenience of making internet searches on their mobile devices. For what reason? It is the utter convenience that smartphones and tablets have that makes it more portable and accessible than a desktop or computer. The user’s experience will gain more satisfaction as it would be easier to manage and utilize. Finding options for an ERP system is a must and cannot be left out of the blue. Nothing is more annoying than not having this interface delivered across mobile devices or mobile apps. 

Easy Updates

In order to keep your business top notch, the software must be running in the latest version. This will help to avoid any errors, malfunctions or even unforeseen circumstances such as somebody hacking into the system in the business process. To steer away from hefty charges for every time there is a problem in the system, it is advised to have your staff well trained about how to use the ERP software to its maximum potential. Therefore, it would reduce the company’s costs and troubles.

Set-Up and Costs 

It is known that ERP Softwares are on the pricier end of the spectrum, however, doing research, knowing your budget range, and having highly experienced staff will cut down the costs and allow for a simple and easy installation process. The costs not only include the software program itself, but there is also the price of the integration, implementation, and maintenance processes. Running through your Return on Investment (ROI) and figuring out the different features and functions of the software will give you a better chance of pinpointing which ERP is best for your business.

To make your experience with the process better and cost efficient, it is advised that a trusted development company is hired and here at SuiteDB, we can help you out with that. We’ll give you recommendations, tips and tricks to help you through the process with ease. Visit us at for more information about our services and how we can serve you to the best of our abilities.

ERP Softwares setup

Overall, it is best to go through your business model and figure out what potential gain you can receive through various types of ERP. Whether you are project oriented, financially centralized, or seek better management, know your ERP requirements first and narrow down your options to select the best one that is suitable for your company’s business processes. NetSuite ERP is widely used and highly recommended as it accelerates the performance of the overall business. The tools that NetSuite ERP has are used to work in various areas of the business processes such as financial management and planning, order and production management, supply chain and procurement and even warehouse and fulfillment. The key benefits of using this ERP is how broad and robust it is along with its built in business intelligence composed of data with customizable functionality for when your business continues to grow. How great does that sound?